All our free products have GPLv2 or later (

Obtain Infotech values customer satisfaction and therefore has established team of professionals to provide quality support and technical assistance to its customers. You purchase the Obtain Infotech products “as is” described on Obtain Infotech website and we are not responsible if the product does not function the way You would like it to function. Nevertheless, Obtain Infotech will put efforts to provide You with technical assistance on any issue directly related to our products. However, we retain the right to reject any inquiry to our support team which we consider out of Obtain Infotech scope or a complex custom work. Here are some cases of rejecting including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The support team can not confirm the purchase of the supported product by the Your credentials used to open the support request
  • The supported product is modified or customized by You or a third-party hired by the You, or downloaded and installed from a third-party source
  • Questions or problems related to how to develop or customize a product that would require custom written source code to resolve the support request
  • Use of a WordPress version that is newer than the publicly released stable version
  • Uncooperative, unprofessional, or abusive conduct by You

You are responsible for having up to date backup of Your website including all data prior to giving access to Obtain Infotech support staff. Obtain Infotech is not responsible for site being down or any lost data.

We have developed guidelines to support our users and we encourage you to research our technical documentation and other instructional guides, before contacting our support team directly. Our support is available via e-mail and/or through our Submit a Request or Contact Us. Our support team will usually respond to your inquiries within 24 hours. Exception could be weekends and holidays.