WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync


WordPress Multisite Network Dashboard
  • Go to ‘Network Admin’ -> ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add New’.
  • Click on ‘Upload Plugin’.
  • Upload plugin zip.
  • Activate plugin.
  • Unzip plugin zip.
  • Upload the unzip plugin folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…).
  • Go to ‘Network Admin’ -> ‘Plugins’.
  • Activate plugin.


  • Go to ‘Network Admin’-> ‘User Sync’ -> ‘Settings’.
  • You will see ‘Settings’ page.
  • Sync Type: You can set ‘Auto Sync’ or ‘Manual Sync’ as per your needs. By default ‘Auto Sync’.
    • Auto Sync: Sync user automatically when a user add/update/register.
    • Manual Sync: Sync user manually.
      • Edit any user.
      • You will see ‘WordPress Multisite User Sync/Unsync’ section.
      • Select destination sites you want sync/unsync user.
      • Click on ‘Update User’ button.
  • Auto Sync Type: You can set ‘All sites’ or ‘Main site to sub sites’ or ‘Sub site to main site’ as per your needs. By default ‘All sites’.
  • Auto Unsync: Enable/Disable auto unsync when user delete.

Bulk Sync/Unsync

  • Go to ‘Network Admin’-> ‘User Sync’ -> ‘Bulk Sync’.
  • You will see ‘Bulk Sync’ page.
  • Select source site you want sync/unsync from.
  • Add number of users per page.
  • Click on ‘Filter’ button.
  • You will see list of users.
  • Select users you want sync/unsync.
  • Select destination sites you want sync/unsync.
  • Click on ‘Sync/Unsync’ button.